The Team

I am so incredibly proud to share with you my team, and tell you a little bit more about each of them. Some of them have been with me for years and a few are brand new. It's an absolute honor and privilege to work with so many talented people that can carry out the vision I wanted with any piece of content. The amount of work that goes into any single photo on Instagram or any single blog post is not just me. It's a group of us who commandeer the concept, style, photograph, edit, write and then publish. So much goes into every single piece of content, and as I've expanded the team, the content has gotten better and better. Thank you to the team!

Each and every single one is extremely talented and I am so thankful to them for their incredible work. Let's jump into their backgrounds and passions so you can learn more!

Jenny is a social media strategist + coach from Houston, Texas. After dabbling in the corporate world for a few years, she knew that she was meant for something greater so she founded her own social media marketing agency in 2016. She currently handles all social media strategy efforts for Adaleta. Jenny helps on a daily basis with responding to social media comments, sharing across networks, managing Adaleta's Pinterest to gain more organic website traffic, among other social media tasks. Jenny joined the team in late 2016.

Luke is a designer/developer who loves tacos, coffee, a good game of Texas Hold'em, and is a huge Spider-Man fan. Professionally, he began his career in the field of elementary education, and following a very non-circuitous path, ended up in IT and later earned a degree in graphic design and web design. Luke has worked with a variety of national and international clients and is currently the owner of Hewlett Creative, a digital consulting agency in Tucson, AZ. Luke joined the team in mid 2018.

Haley is a twenty-something year old born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She has dabbled in many different career paths, but always had a passion for the fashion and beauty industry in her heart. She now works as Adaleta’s right-hand woman, working alongside her to create fabulous content for her readers. In her free time, she enjoys catching happy hour, browsing the aisles of her favorite beauty stores, and catching up on the latest trends. Haley joined the team in early 2019.