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Adaleta Avdić was born in Bosnia in the early ‘90s and came to the United States as a refugee when she was 5 years old. Having escaped a life of hardship and war, her and her family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where they were part of a Catholic refugee rescue, taken in by a Catholic priest and his family. The help from the church allowed Avdić's family to start a new life in the United States and afforded her dad the opportunity to become a professional pilot. As his career progressed, it would take Avdić’s family to Los Angeles three years later.

Avdić has been working since she was 16 and went on to graduate from the University of Arizona, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Writing. Taking that writing degree to a new level, Avdić established her blog adaatude.com in 2013 as part of a senior class college project. Fast forward to present day, after years of dedicated posts, she speaks to 85K readers with 47K unique page views a month. Now known globally as @adaatude on social media, she is sought after by major brands to be their brand ambassadors. Over 600,000 followers later, Adaleta Avdić is an accomplished Social Media Influencer and well-known blogger that covers various topics including beauty, travel, lifestyle and fashion.

Beyond the blog and social media, Avdić maintains a YouTube channel with over 10K followers that engage with her videos which are uploaded once a week.  She’s always on the hunt for the perfect shade of lipstick, the best fitting clothes and a delicious meal while traveling and exploring the world. She actually worked as a professional in the tourism industry for 7 years before becoming a full-time blogger, so traveling is second nature to her. She even got engaged in Norway! Avdić has since settled down in Tucson, Arizona and will soon be a new homeowner. Of all her passions, she is most passionate about giving, and donating to local charities such as Casa de los Niños, and loves participating in local events and community gatherings.

Make sure to see her latest tutorial on YouTube, or read about the best product finds from around the world on adaatude.com. Follow @adaatude on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for your daily dose and fresh outlook from Adaleta Avdić!


 Why did you start blogging?

I started this blog as a way to write about electronic dance events I attended from January to June of 2013, but it has since evolved into a lifestyle and beauty blog. My passion for writing and social networking has gotten the best of me; I want to share my travel adventures, life advice, beauty recommendation & fashion pieces with family, friends, and strangers who have a knack for any or all the above.

 What camera do you use?

For my YouTube videos and photography, I use a Canon Rebel t5i. For my YouTube vlogs, I use a Canon G7x.

 Are you making money from blogging?

Yes. I incorporate affiliate links throughout the blog (RewardStyle's Like to Know It) which allow me to make a small percentage if you as the user make a purchase that was a result of you clicking on my link. The biggest source of income for me personally is sponsored content working with my favorite brands. In those posts, you will always find full disclosure letting you know I was paid for the posts.

 How can I get in touch with you?

Take a peek at my Contact page!